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Docstrats offers an incredibly wide range of services, encompassing the fields of information management, technology solutions, training practices, and project support to best suit the individualized needs of our clients. Our services are designed to not only complete the task at hand, but to help move clients forward in their endeavors. As the demands of our client base grow and expand, so do the offerings we have at our disposal. We format our services to ensure that your organization’s business objectives align with our own. In other words, we want what is best for each and every one of our clients. A small sample of our capabilities, broken up by field, can be seen as follows:


Our industry leading information solutions help organizations leverage knowledge and information to communicate effectively, enhance employee performance, improve knowledge transfer, and manage and deliver customized documentation that best suits their needs.

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Also a leader in the field of technology services, we help clients align technology with their numerous ever-expanding business objectives to ensure their projects have immediate ROI and excellent customer acceptance.

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Our training practice has successfully designed and delivered technical and soft skills training for a variety of industries. We follow industry standard methodology to develop, deliver and continuously improve our training regimen.

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Project Support

Our project support services include PMO Support and Administration; Documentation Standardization; Project Content Strategy and Planning; and Contract Compliance Reporting.

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