Our training practice successfully designs and delivers technical and soft skills training for a variety of industries. We follow industry standard methodology to develop, deliver and continuously improve a training regimen. Our complete training services include needs assessment, program strategy and design, and curriculum development, implementation and assessment in an e-learning, instructor-led or blended learning environment. We offer customized training programs from train-the-trainer to end-user training throughout the lifecycle of a newly developed or updated system, process or procedure.

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Our complete training services list includes:

  • Training design, development and delivery
  • Training needs assessment
  • Training asset inventory
  • Tool selection and implementation
  • Learning management system (LMS) integration
  • Training program strategy and design
  • Instructional design
  • Curriculum development
  • Student and instructor materials
  • eLearning development and delivery
  • SCORM and ADA compliance
  • Instructor-led or web-based delivery
  • Training rollout
  • Completion and proficiency tracking
  • Training evaluation
  • Assess
  • Develop
  • Deliver
  • Identify outcome
  • Needs assessment
  • Learning objectvies
  • Select appropriate delivery method(s)
  • Identify content
  • Determine structure and time
  • Choose evaluation method
  • Create materials
  • Pilot sessions
  • Review and revise
  • Scheduling
  • Space and equipment
  • Trainee communication
  • Preparation of material
  • Presentation
  • Evaluation instrument
  • Reporting results
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Case Studies

The case studies included here reflect the kinds of projects we have recently completed or are currently under way. They are selected to demonstrate some of the situations our clients face and the solutions we develop to meet their challenges and exceed their expectations.

Study #1Training and Technical Writing | Online Help Tutorials for a Medical Supply Distributor

A new medical supply online ordering application required both a comprehensive online user guide and new user training tutorials. Docstrats’ technical writer and trainer worked with the client’s subject matter experts to determine the best method of presenting the system functionality. The comprehensive context sensitive online help created included detailed instructions and images, searchable content, glossary terms, an index, task-based video tutorials and FAQs. The training tutorials and online help leveraged reusable objects to minimize maintenance. Because the client lacked in-house technical writing skills, we also taught client staff how to develop and maintain the online help and tutorials.


Together, the client subject matter experts and Docstrats created a complete online help and five training tutorials, which were delivered in time for launch of the new application during a national sales meeting.

Study #2Content Management and Documentation | Fuel Cell Manufacturer

A company that develops, manufactures, integrates and services proprietary fuel cell solutions throughout the world realized that its rapid growth would stress existing documentation practices. As the client expanded its product line and client base, it needed to establish standards and practices for the Documentation and Training Department.

The client engaged Docstrats to analyze its existing market support business practices, design standards, content structures, and production procedures, as well as the tools and resources available for developing product manuals.


Docstrats drafted standards and helped implement new development processes, including converting the client’s existing documents to Adobe FrameMaker and eventually to AuthorIT. Client staff was taught to use the templates and content structures to create new departmental procedures and product manuals. We left the client with the ability to maintain single-sourced technical documents in a tightly controlled fashion for fewer errors, reduced cycle time, reusable content, and consistent delivery format.

Study #3RFP Design and Development | The Client: New York State Agency

A New York State agency needed to contract for the services of a Systems Integrator. It required a thoroughly researched and tightly constructed RFP that would identify and thoroughly vet the best candidates—and the agency needed it on a very aggressive schedule.

Docstrats sent in a highly experienced team of business analysts, technical writers, ERP subject matter experts, and a project manager, providing the exact skills and experience required to complete this demanding project.


Docstrats researched and established the RFP scope and format in less than one month. In the next three months, we created the open competitive RFP and constructed an evaluation methodology with analysis tools. The RFP was ready for release on schedule.

Study #4Project Management Office (PMO) Services | Backfile Conversion for New York State Agency

In order to enable immediate access to member records and to reduce paper storage cost and risk to records, this agency sought to convert two million paper folders to electronic images.

Docstrats’ Project Management team worked with two partner vendors in the scanning and indexing operations to produce high quality image output, overseeing all aspects of the project from document preparation to scanning, indexing, quality control and data transfer following PMBOK project management principles. The team acted as the liaison with our client, the client’s client and the vendors to avoid potential problems and to ensure open communication and smooth running of this critical project.


Under the leadership of our Project Management team, every week this ongoing project delivers more than 9,000 completed folders consisting of more than 500,000 images and 250,000 key entered index values while maintaining better than 98% accuracy.

Study #5Business Process Re-engineering | Government Agency – Statewide Welfare Management System

The agency wanted to merge and update two welfare benefit systems including cash assistance, food stamps, home energy assistance, medical assistance, day care, and adult services. Documentation Strategies was selected by one of the major subcontractors for the Business Analysis team.

Our staff coordinated efforts among various stakeholders to validate complex functional and organizational models matching business flows in legacy systems, created functional and organizational models, and identified baseline business requirements for improved service and continuous business process improvement.


The result was a redesigned human services delivery framework including IT, business and organizational dimensions with on-time completion of analysis, redesign, and rollout of a functional business platform for use by all 58 counties.

Study #6Website Design and Reengineering | Government Energy Authority

The agency’s programs are directed toward improving the electrical power system; reducing cost, environmental and health impacts of energy use; and supporting economic opportunity. Recognizing that the current web structure was not customer oriented, the agency wanted to redesign its website to increase appeal and accessibility.

The Docstrats team of information architects, programmers and web designers analyzed, structured and designed a web framework that helps website visitors navigate and access information easily.


Multiple websites were consolidated into a single web portal, simplifying both the user experience and website administration and maintenance. In the process, we also eliminated redundancy and outdated material— reducing the size of the website by thousands of pages.

Study #7Business Analysis, Training Services and Reports Development | Software Manufacturer and Major Consulting Company

New York State is revising its licensing processes and technologies, streamlining both to a consistent technology and process model. Docstrats was selected by one of the major subcontractors for the Business Analysis, Training and Report Development teams.

Docstrats worked with team resources on business process design and documentation efforts. Design sessions elicited requirements and process details from stakeholders at all levels, from operational staff up through directors, with deliverables used to drive alignment among stakeholders. Our training lead helped design, develop and deliver customized training to all state agencies; delivered train-the-trainer sessions following adult learning theories; and mentored junior trainers. We also acted as a report development liaison, assessing report needs, developing report specifications and delivering customized reports using Crystal Reports for each agency.


Key deliverables included as-is process maps, inventory of process gaps and opportunities, and to be process maps with recommendations for improvement, as well as required steps for efficient implementation, training plan, curriculum, instructor guides, report specifications, and customized reports.

Study #8Statewide e-Learning | Government Training Authority

The agency was tasked with providing statewide, comprehensive training on the health care privacy act (HIPAA). E-Learning was identified as the most flexible and cost-effective way of providing required training to thousands of employees in a short period of time.

Docstrats’ team of instructional designers, E-learning programmers, technical writers, graphic designers, and testers collaborated with client subject matter experts to review the course goals and gather content to develop the most effective course design.

The final product was a visually engaging and instructionally sound interactive e-learning course that was published to the state’s learning management system (LMS), fully SCORM and Section 508 compliant to meet the needs of the visually impaired.


The agency achieved its goal of providing the mandated health care privacy training in a timely and cost-effective fashion. The e-learning available online can be accessed by thousands of state employees from any location at any time.