// join the team that values you

At docstrats, you’re more than your last job title. We treat each team member like the unique individual they are – the sum of which exceeds the value of its parts.

// A better company. A better experience.

Since 1981, docstrats has been creating a company employees want to work for. We value our employees and strive to foster an atmosphere of community, support, and transparency.

We offer:

docstrats offers its employees opportunity to grow and succeed – with the company. With available project-based training, 401k matching and profit-sharing opportunities, employees have ample incentive to contribute to docstrats’ success.
Values-Based Culture

At docstrats, we strive to fulfill our goals while staying true to our core values of integrity, empathy, and transparency. We continually support and challenge each other, inspiring us to bring our best selves to work – every day.


The best working relationships start with a sense of comradery. That’s why at docstrats we strive to foster connection – both in and out of the office. Whether it be a picnic, a holiday party, or an informal get-together after work, docstrats employees know they are part of a community.


Nice people working with nice people. It's really that simple.