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Biotechnology Company, Capital Region, NY

Biotechnology Company

A leading science and technology company located in the Capital Region of NYS which delivers life-transforming medicines for serious disease and continues to experience significant growth which requires weekly employee onboarding and training.

The Learning & Organization Development (L&OD) team is responsible for providing training on professional development and soft skills to both new and existing employees. With the complexities of a rapidly growing workforce and multiple work shifts, the company faces challenges ensuring that the appropriate training, required and optional, is delivered in a timely manner.


With limited staff supporting the large number of new employees being onboarded regularly, the team is confronted with not only creating and maintaining learning modules, but with delivering the training to employees across multiple work shifts.


L&OD team partnered with docstrats to contract a Trainer/Instructional Designer to facilitate training classes and create and edit learning modules.


A Senior Trainer and Instructional Designer joined the L&OD team on a contract basis and provided both the delivery and creation of learning modules. This partnership proved so successful that an additional docstrats resource was added to the team in the role of Facilitator to deliver training to new employees. The flexibility docstrats offers in scaling a team-up as needed allows the L&OD team to focus on their critical duties and worry less about the need for additional short or long-term staffing.