docstrats can help your company GROW (and become more profitable while you do)!

Let’s face it…growing your business takes more than successfully delivering your product(s) or service(s) to your customers. Many times, growth requires expansion – of your staff, your product and/or service offerings, your location(s). Most importantly, in order to grow, your team must be able to consistently replicate the success you have had which means having defined systems, processes, and procedures in place. Proper system documentation ensures that all team members are ‘rowing the boat’ in the same direction producing consistent results. It also allows for easier onboarding of new staff, shortens their learning curve, and reduces the inevitable myriad of questions that impact your current team’s productivity – all of which improve your profitability.

What do you do if you do not have your critical systems documented? There are a few options to consider:

  • Assign current team members with the task of documenting the company’s critical processes and procedures.
  • Hire a new team member to be responsible for documenting the company’s critical processes and procedures with the goal of transitioning them to a new role within the company when the project is complete.
  • Identify and procure an organization that can provide contract-based resources skilled in documentation and technical writing to complete the project.

There are pros and cons to every option and only you can determine the best choice for your company. In our experience, however, we have found that procuring an organization, like docstrats, to provide skilled resources to complete the project is the way to go. This ensures there is no disruption to a company’s daily operations and that a new employee is not brought on board with a skill set that may not be needed on an ongoing basis.

Established in 1981, docstrats was built on the foundation of technical writing and training. We primarily provide resources skilled in documentation management and training. Our team members can work on a project basis which means we provide them to your company for as long as it takes to complete a project. We work side-by-side with your team to learn their daily activities and tasks. We shadow key team members and facilitate discussions to gather the necessary data on their role’s daily responsibilities. Our team members then consolidate and organize the information to ensure it aligns with your company’s critical systems, processes and procedures. As highly skilled professionals, the project is completed efficiently with little disruption to your company. The outcome is a well-defined, consistent set of system documentation that becomes a tangible asset of your company.