Why is Technical Writing Different?

What do technical writers do? Simple–Technical writers explain things. They take complicated concepts and they break them down into easy-to-understand bite-size pieces of information. Then, they organize the information so that is flows logically.

Here is a better question:

Why is technical writing different than other forms of writing?

  • Technical writing and documentation is heavily focused on steps and processes. It is painstakingly organized. This pinpointed, surgically focused attention to detail and organization makes it easy for your users to find what they want and make it easy for them to understand the information.
  • NO FLUFF. Technical documentation is very direct. This documentation gets you right to the point and tells you what you need to know.
  • Details, details, and more details. While some types of documentation give a 50,000 foot view, this is inadequate in technical documentation. A technical writer gets to know your product and processes. By doing this, they can help your users learn how to use your product correctly and follow your processes as you intended. Imagine if you had a helicopter manual that gave you only a high level view on how to operate the helicopter?
  • When you are setting up your Keurig coffee maker, a technical writer wrote those instructions. When you are installing or learning new software and you have questions, you find some products FAQ’s or online help….a technical writer wrote that content. When you are onboarding a new employee, they are reading about your rules, structure and values of your company…a technical writer developed that content too..

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